Property Agents Service's

AcreOK wanted to benefit every single entity involved in the property trade industry and hence it is tailored in a way that it also covers expert services meant for the property agents. We scrutinize the list of genuine of genuine buyers and sellers, which is later shared with our registered & trusted agents. These agents bypasses their customers to AcreOK and eventually receives the confirmed commission once the deal is sealed. Also, the well-structured & systematic process of AcreOK does half the job of these agents, making the further route easy for them too!

There are three areas in which Acreok will share the services with an Registered Property Agent through which he will get  all services and benefits 

  1. PROVIDE GENUINE & ASSURED BUYER : Through AcreOk, agents can get plethora of genuine buyers and that also on their registered location.
  2. WORKS BEHALF OF AGENTSAgents can get the commission after the deal is completed. You just have to bypass the customer to AcreOk (buyer/seller).
  3. PROPERTY DOCUMENT SUPPORT : AcreOk can also assist the agents in assisting their customer in legal opinion and document assistance


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