Property Documents Service's

In the age of Digital India, why follow the stone-age method of getting the documentation done for property trade? AcreOK gives a modern and digitized touch to this entire process of documentation by bringing it all online. We help you to get all your property related documentations done and delivered at your doorstep. Certified copies, documentation verifications, agreement papers, registration, e-stamp papers, notary, etal are taken care by AcreOK’s expert team for making the most tiresome job of property trade the most easy one. Our legal assistance will put-in their expert knowledge to reinnforce the fact that the documentation is done right.

Certified Copies

Akarband Get the revenue assessment & all the land-specific details, issued by the Survey Department
Mutation/MR Copy Get the mutation record of the property issued by the Village Accountant/Tahsildar.
Inam order copy Get the occupancy rights granted under the Inam Abolition Act
Records of Rights Get the details of the property, owners & nature of its possession issued by Asst. Tahsildar
79 A & B Endorsement Get the 79 A & B certificate issued by Assistant Commissioner of Revenue Department
Encumbrance Certificate Get the Form no. 15/16 issued from the office of the Sub-Registrar.
RTC / Phani Get the detailed document with the information about ownership & measurement of the land.
Survey / Tippani / Podi Extracts Get the survey document along with the one with the bifurcation of land.
Conversion Order copy Get the certified copy of land conversion with prescribed conditions & mentions.
PTCL Endorsement Get the endorsement confirming about no procedings being initiated against the property owner.
Grant Certificate / Saguvali chits Get the confirmation of the grant received with the mentioning of necessary details.
Index of land It contains the detail regarding the owners of the land or property and also defines the details abo
Village map Get the village map certified by the Survey Department, where the land is situated
BDA/BMRDA/BMICAPA/BIAAPA & Other NOC's Whether you want to purchase your dream home or construct a stalwart building, in Bangalore, you nee

Property Document Verification

Original Verification at seller's Premises Here we visit the seller's place for verifying the original documents compare to photo copy of docum
Encroachment Check Here we will check and verify the property has any enchrochment like lake enchrochment or Raja Kaluv
Yellow / Green Belt Verification To know about the area under which belt will give you an idea about that land is kept for what purpo
Review of Agreements Agreement review, here we will review the agreemnts which you have before signing the documents
Cross Check At Govt. Offices Cross Check At Govt. Offices For Fraud And Forgery Documents 
Apartments and Villas Get all your documents verified by our experts in Apartment & Villa property
Agriculture land Get all your documents verified by our experts in agricultural property.
Site / layout / plots Get all your documents verified by our experts in such open-land properties.


RENTAL AGREEMENT A rental agreement is a legal document defining that the owner and the tenant agree to follow the re
Lease Agreement Get the license agreement ready for approving the licensee of the pre-defined rights.
CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT A Building Construction Agreement is a composed record between a property owner and a general contra
Joint Venture / Development Agreement Get the joint venture agreement prepared for a property owned mutually.
PROPERTY SALE AGREEMENT A Property Sale Agreement with respect to properties is an essential document which a document that
Other Agreement Get all your property-related agreements done, over & above the aforementioned ones.


GIFT DEED A Gift Deed is a legal document that describes voluntary transfer of gift from donor (owner of prope
GPA AND SPA General Power Of Attorney- Here the person gives the right or power to another person to act legally
Mortgage Deed A Mortgage deed is one of the most common forms of Convincing, but drafting is the most important el
RELEASE DEED The property can only be released in the name of a person who is co-owner or co-sharer in the proper
Sale deed A legal document well organized and well-crafted creates a rooted benefit when rights are created in
Trust deed A trust deed is a formal legal instrument which gives effect to the desires of the author of the tru
Will A will is a legal instrument which comes into effect after the death of the testator who is the make

Khata Services

Khata Extract and Certificate A khata certificate is basically an assessment of property, a certificate given by the BBMP&nbs
Khata Transfer What is Khata Transfer? Usually, it is required when the property of an owner is going to be transf


Attestation service Attestation is not merely a formality but an essential mode to testify voluntary execution of any in
E-stamp paper With India joining the race of going digital, this very domain also has joined the race. E-stamping
Property Legal Notice A Legal Notice is one notice with purposes of indicating your opponent party that you are preparing
Notary Having a problem in notarizing your documents? Or travelling for these is a problem for you? Don't w
Other Paperwork Get other property-related paperwork, over and above the aforementioned ones.

Construction Plan Approvals

Construction plan approval Construction Plan Approval is needed for construction or expansion of a project. The approval is gen